Get rid of anxiety by manifesting a new reality

What is the Law of Attraction?

Well, it isn’t a difficult concept! The law of attraction is basically a way of summing up what we believe to be true about how human beings can interact with the universe around them, so as to make the universe manifest – or produce in simple language – those things which we desire in the world that we live in.

You see, we are gifted with the ability to connect psychologically from our subconscious mind to the source of all – now this is a controversial concept, but a lot of people think of it as God. I suppose our historical teaching in western civilization that we live in is to believe that God is some kind of person or entity, whereas in fact God is an energetic source that underlies the existence, the physical reality, of everything that we see around us.

And what that means, of course, is that since we are indeed a part of that manifestation of the great source of mystery, we have the ability to connect with it. For a definition of manifestation go here – where you can find all you need to know about manifestation.

You may well have heard the theory that every living organism, or indeed every entity that exists on the planet, has a different level of consciousness, implying, perhaps, that an insect has a certain level of consciousness, the fish has a higher level of consciousness, the reptile may have a higher consciousness still, mammals have a higher consciousness than that, and man – supposedly – has the highest consciousness of all.

Now I’m not sure whether I agree with that concept, but I certainly agree with the principle that every living organism on this planet is a manifestation of the divine in one form or another.

I also agree that there are certainly different levels of consciousness that can be manifested by different levels of life.

But I’m not going to attempt to debate the different levels of consciousness that may or may not exist in the world around us. For our argument here, about manifestation and the law of attraction, what matters most is that we accept that human beings, at least potentially, can connect with the great mystery which seems to underlie the existence of every single thing on the planet Earth.

So if we do have a connection with this extraordinary power, you may wonder what form it takes – and the answer is it takes the form of our unconscious mind, a biological computer which is far more powerful than any physical computer that is yet been devised, and perhaps any physical computer that has yet even been imagined.

So our brains are indeed massively powerful, allowing us to access what might perhaps be seen as unlimited power. That is to say, the power of the universe in which we exist.

For underlying every physical aspect that universe is a potential form which exists in the cosmic consciousness, and is waiting to be manifested as a physical reality around us. It seems that the way that we humans can activate this process is by envisaging, or if you prefer the term, “visualizing” the outcomes that we wish to appear in our world.

Perhaps the simplest and most popular – and certainly the most well-known – representation of these ideas were set out some years ago in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. But although the secret was highly motivating, it certainly included many examples of people talking about how they successfully manifest reality in their own worlds, it didn’t do very much to explain the techniques to people like you and I.

Fortunately this doesn’t matter, because there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can find explicit information about how to manifest your own reality in the world you inhabit. You see, one of things that goes without saying is that over the centuries those who have known about manifestation have kept this secret. Those who have known exactly how to make things appear or disappear in the world around them have held onto this knowledge. They have regarded themselves as something rather special!

These the people who have been heralded by others in society as the magicians, the shamans, the witch doctors, the witches and wizards. Yet all they were doing was accessing a special power available to us all, when we know how to use it. So that special power is essentially the way in which the subconscious mind can be induced to connect to the universal energy that underlies every aspect of physical reality.

And it’s an amazingly simple process – it’s called visualization or imagination.

But the catch is that most people don’t understand that it has to be done in a particular frame of mind. You can’t just sit down and visualize in the ordinary state of consciousness that you inhabit every day of your life.

That’s a state of consciousness which is actually very much suited to living in the real world, which is suited to dealing with the problems and challenges of everyday life. It is manifestly adapted to the hectic and busy world where you have to be outward focused.

It’s a state of mind in which you have to exist. To live your life for the process of co-creation of manifestation requires a state of subtle awareness. This is a slightly altered state, a state of being in which you direct your consciousness inwards, and downwards. This is like directing your mind towards connection with the universal energy surrounding you.

Law of Attraction

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Not many people are willing to do this, because it can seem like a tedious process. Look at how many people stop process of meditation and give it up after a week or two! This makes you realize that actually, no matter what the rewards might potentially be, people won’t apply it. The limited amount of effort that is required to actually engage in this process is enough to discourage the majority of people forever trying to achieve success with it!

That in itself says a great deal about human nature! But I think that if you’re reading this, then you’re probably not one of the majority of human beings. You are not someone who is never going to do anything to lift yourself out of a state of poverty or lack.

You are probably one of the small minority of human beings whose ambition and expectations go far beyond this. Your ambition is big enough for you to believe that you can create the life you want. You believe you have the resources and motivation to do precisely that.

Now in practice, you need to do several things before you can successfully manifest anything in your life using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

  • First of all you need to learn how to alter your consciousness to the state of being  which will allow you to connect to the universal intelligence.
  • Second, you need to learn how to visualize your objective, so that you can actually connect to the universal intelligence.
  • Third, you need to learn how to energize your visualization. This means there is the rocket fuel of intense emotion driving your visualized objective (which we can call your intention) out into the universal energy field.
  • Fourth, you need to deal with any limiting beliefs which will inhibit or indeed block completely the expression of your desires in your world. You see, you can only manifest something if you actually believe that it’s going to come into your life. Even if you have the slightest doubt, you’re going to find that manifestation will not happen.
  • Fifth, you need to maintain a state of energetic alertness, the level of being in which you have sufficient energy to drive the process of manifestation. It’s no use trying to weakly visualize an outcome. It has to be highly energized, and consistently so too, until it actually appears in your reality.
  • Sixth, you need to find a way of maintaining a state of high expectancy. You need a way of believing firmly that whatever it is you are manifesting (or trying to manifest) will actually appear in your world.