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I remember when I was about 20 I was so terrified of public events, including social events that I really ought to have been enjoying that age, like parties, that I decided to spend my life helping both myself and other people overcome anxiety and fear in general, and social phobias in particular. Well, my life didn’t turn out quite that way, but I did write a number of books in the early 1980s on anxiety and depression, and I’ve maintained a counseling practice for the last ten years.

Over those years I’ve come to understand just how many people are terrified of meeting other people! When you think about it, this is really quite odd – we’re a social species, and we’re meant to spend time together. So why are we so terrified of meeting other people? I guess that’s down to the sensitivity of young children, because whether or not our parents and caregivers mean to, they can so easily shatter the fragile confidence of a child. And as children we all come up with all kinds of clever strategies to hide our fears and doubts and lack of confidence. But that doesn’t make the anxiety we feel go away – in fact, it makes it a lot worse, because we’re not being true to ourselves.

Fortunately, in adulthood there are plenty of ways to overcome your anxiety, no matter what its cause, and no matter how intense it may be. Whether you have an extreme form of social phobia, or you describe yourself as “shy in social situations”, you can overcome these problems. The techniques on this website are state-of-the-art, comprising the latest tools and tricks that you can use to overcome anxiety and shape a whole new way of being confident and relaxed in the world. By the way, you can forget about banalities like “feel the fear and do it anyway.” Anyone who thinks that’s a good approach to dealing with fear probably doesn’t know what fear is.

I’m always available to discuss them with you if you want, and I wish you the very best for a confident future!

With all good wishes,

John Alexander

Contact me on johndsalexander@gmail.com

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